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Saturday, October 15, 2005
Done, Gone

So my newest anthology story, "Harbinger," is now written, rewritten, edited, revised, polished and submitted. In other words: done.

My prediction that I'd double the word count was a good one; the draft came in at over 10,000 words, and the final version was 9,260 words. Just a wee bit over the requested 5,000 ... but there is no way that I could tell that story properly in fewer words. And I like it, despite the fact that I've now read it so many times that I can barely stand to open the file, never mind look at it. So, that's that.

Deep sigh of relief, cheers all around, and on to the next project: a very short story for Scalzi's SF cliche issue of Subterranean Magazine, and then the novel.

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