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Sunday, October 16, 2005
A Stellar LJ

Stellar Magpie Creations, a.k.a. Two Girls with Pliers, a.k.a. that not-writing thing that's been taking up all my free time, a.k.a. the new jewelry design company that Sarah and I started this September, now has a LiveJournal: stellar_magpie. The LJ is designed to be a place for us to post news, announcements, pictures of new jewelry designs and styles, and general discussion of the adventures of starting our own craft business. The LJ also is a stand-in for our forthcoming website. (Unfortunately, I don't currently have access to a working digital camera, so pictures of all the latest stock and designs will have to wait for another week or so, much to my dismay.)

I'd really, really like to find a way to make this and writing account for at least a significant portion of my income. At the very least, I have to say that I'm far healthier physically when not in an office work environment -- my digestive system hasn't been this good to me in years. So in the next little while I'm going to be looking into a few programs that are designed to help support individuals starting their own businesses.

But, in the mean time, I'm rushing about in a wild flurry of activity because in my "jump in with both feet" attitude at the moment, I recently registered to attend the 18th Annual Macville Craft Show in my hometown of Bolton next Saturday. It was only when the application was submitted and the organizer had replied that table 26 was now reserved for Stellar Magpie that it occurred to me how wildly unprepared I am to attend such an event. (And it will only be me there as Sarah works at the ROM on Saturdays.) Not only do I have to make a ton more stock, but I need to create more displays, design the table setup, tag and inventory all items, make business cards and display labels, find an appropriate tablecloth for a six foot table, buy an ever-growing list of other items (why don't I have a calculator?), and far more. But it's a goal and a deadline, both great motivators.

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Hey girlie,
How are you?
It was nice to see you the other day...
check out my blog :)

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