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Wednesday, November 09, 2005
Five Questions from Someone Curiously Anonymous

1. When you receive a compliment about your physical appearance do you agree but affect modesty so people won't think you're conceited?

No. I say, "Thank you." Thanking a person connotes neither agreement nor disagreement, despite what might be said in Mean Girls.

2. Do you worry that others can see the contempt that you feel for them on your face?

What a delightfully weighted question.

Let's go with the short answer: no. "Contempt" is not something I feel very frequently. If I'm contemptuous of you or something you've done, chances are you know it. If it's not an appropriate situation, I'll smile and stay silent and no one will be the wiser. Smiling and/or staying silent is a rather successful way out of many such interesting situations, especially when you're someone who strikes others as being "nice" and "so quiet".

3. Would you rather be happy or in love?

Oh, that one's easy: happy. Do I really strike you as someone desperate to have a boyfriend, husband or significant other(s)? If so, you must not have met me.

4. Who do you think about most often when you're alone?

Um ... me? Wherever I go, there I am. (See, it's this answer, more than my response to compliments, that might make me look conceited.)

5. What is your favourite book? Not the one you tell everyone so you seem smart or well read but the book you love.

At the moment my favourite is Mockingbird by Sean Stewart. I so love that book, and am so happy that Small Beer Press has reprinted it so that I may once again push physical copies on unsuspecting people.

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