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Thursday, November 10, 2005
Let's hear it for productivity!

When I said that WFC was an inspiration, I did not lie. Yesterday I finished a new short story by taking scenes from a broken SF apocalypse story I'd attempted earlier in the year and somehow transforming and rewriting them into a fantasy story. It's short -- 2,200 words -- and needs some pondering and tweaking, but wow. New story, just like that. It's been far too long since that happened so easily. I'm calling this one "On a Day That Has No Name" for the moment.

I'm also working on three new short stories. Three. Okay, one's a very condensed rewrite of something I wrote in 1998, one's an attempt to create a short story from a chopped piece of the novel that I just couldn't throw away, and one's entirely new. (The entirely new one was actually inspired by one of Elise's necklaces, one that I wanted hopelessly, desperately and could not afford ... but then Sarah bought it. So I can see it, at least.)

My brain is also churning away (creaking and groaning), working towards a novel beginning that does not suck. I am hopeful.

Inspiration meets motivation meets deadlines. A lovely, productive combination.

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