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Saturday, December 10, 2005
I Thought I Should Mention ...

I'm told I need to update. Apparently the non-aggregating people are getting mighty sick of seeing that last Doctor Who post over and over again. Apologies. I have to admit, I've been in a very non-communicative state this past while.

Oh, I'm fine if you catch me in person. I'm even pretty good if you get me on the phone (and don't catch me in a moment of complete job-related panic and terror -- sorry about that one, Susan). But email? Blog entries? Even leaving comments on others' blog posts? Nope. Haven't been doing so well in that regard. Winter has arrived and my body attempted to hibernate. Need I say more?

But I do have news, important news, even: I have a job. Yes, me, Karina the Unemployed Girl Wonder has once again found gainful employment.

I went on an interview two Thursdays ago, and then another one on Tuesday, and then another-another one on that very same Tuesday. Clearly I managed to convince them that I am indeed an intelligent and generally capable person who will be able to learn what I need to learn, do what I need to do and generally work tirelessly (and this in spite of the fact that I've been told that I sound like I've just woken up by about half of the people who have called me, potential employers and friends alike, and declared to be very "subdued." Terrified by job-things and attempting to hibernate is closer to the truth).

What's the job? To be honest ... it's hard to say. The job posting that I responded to called the job title "Jack/Jill of all trades." There is accounting, there is admin stuff, there is staffing, there is proposal writing, there may be sales-stuff in the future, and I've heard rumours about helping with a Christmas card mailing. All this is for a small but powerful consulting firm downtown. (Right by a subway station, woohoo!) There seems to be many different directions that the job could take me, lots of opportunities for growth, and the work environment seemed very good for me: small, busy, very open and honest and casual. Wearing jeans to work is not only allowed, it's the norm. I'm also now the only female employee, which promises to be both interesting and entertaining.

Officially I start in January, though I will be working next week as a contractor, learning what I can learn before the office closes down and everyone leaves on holiday. I am excited and terrified and things I don't even know how to name.

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